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The Last Honest Woman - Nora Roberts Disclaimer: I'm reading this because it is a) available as an audio download at the library b) was 'in' last night when I was looking for a short book to listen to while waiting for the book I really want to turn up at the library and c) is short: less than 7 hours worth in fact.

Ugh. Some books I feel are too smart for me: see Snow for example. This book... I thought was not smart enough. The hero was annoying beyond belief. If this is supposed to be an Alpha male I don't want one - he came across to me as a bully, and a stupid one at that. For an investigative journalist he seemed weirdly unable to give up his assumptions in spite of pretty clear evidence to the contrary. The dramatic climax of the book was so clumsily signalled in the first couple of chapters that I spent the entire last third of the book anticipating it. I can only assume that Nora Roberts has come along as a writer since the '80s.