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Flint and Silver: A Prequel to Treasure Island - John Drake Well, I got half way through the 2nd disc before another audiobook arrived off my waiting list at the library, and I gratefully returned this one. I've never read Treasure Island, so perhaps this wasn't the book for me. I was at first incredulous that a bloke who had allegedly never fought before could kill 6 pirates, and alone from his ship's crew survive. I found the author's style patronising, like the voice of a patient teacher to a particularly dull student, explaining how the actions of various characters will have downstream consequences as if we would be unable to draw the conclusion for ourselves. Much of the action seemed to be described in a passive rather than an active voice, which for me killed much of the excitement. The descriptions of the action to be overly visual to my mind, as if he was really making notes for whoever picked up the film rights.
And then he stuck a flash-forward in. One minute Flint's crew had run aground, the next they were sailing into Savannah 3 years later. At the end of the chapter we went back to the aground ship. And the point was???? Never mind that the action of the captain to send the ship aground seemed completely out of what character the gentleman in question had so far shown... well. I figure I got 15% of the way through the story, and not the slightest inclination to know what else happens.