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This Time - Joan Szechtman

Loved the idea. not so thrilled about where we ended up going. And totally not convinced by some of the time-frames. Man who has never seen motorised vehicles before learns to drive in... holy cow, I didn't actually stop to work it our, but it felt like about a week. Within a month of arriving in modern times, but given that he'd been on the run, shot & hospitalised, settled a court case, & travelled to the other side of the country in that time as well forgive me for being a bit sceptical. The inclusion of a love story in the book annoyed the pants off me, but I think I can understand at least part of the author's motivation for including it. Sadly, for me it did bring a saccharine flavour to the prose.
At times I struggled to keep reading, putting the book aside for several months at one point, and had to force myself to read the last 50 pages. But all in all it is an interesting idea, and I dare say I shall read the follow-up at some point.