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Is it Just Me?

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

Finally finished *sniff*. I put off reading the last page-and-a-bit for 2 days because I didn't want it to be finished. Was a bit of a slow starter, but after a chapter or 2 I was fully engaged, and by the end totally in love.
Had the audiobook out of the library as well as owning the paperback, so probably spent equal time on both formats, flicking back through the pages of the bits I'd listened to in the car (tho I don't think I ever rewound to hear the bits I'd read). Loved having MH doing the narration. I think the whole Little M thing worked better in the audiobook, as she had a very distinct voice (rather than just bold italic font.)
I one of the things that made this book particularly loveable is that there actually seemed to be a point to the whole thing, not just the collected ramblings of a famous funny person.

looking forward to giving this a re-read in about 10 years time.