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Hex Appeal - Simon R. Green, Carrie Vaughn, P.N. Elrod, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher First up: the Ilona Andrews, which is the point of me having this book out of the library. Highly enjoyable, and should tine me over until the next Kate Daniels comes out later this year.
Next: Bigfoot on Campus. I'm only up to about #3 for the Dresden Files, but really that makes no difference to my ability to appreciate this short story - which is utter gold, really. I fear the rest of the anthology can't live up to the standard of the first 2.
Didn't enjoy Holly's Balm as much as I wanted to.
Snow Job. I loved the language in this one, almost like poetry in places, tempting me to read passages aloud so I could better appreciate the sound and rhythm of the words. Unfortunately I didn't really understand what was going on with the storyline. Perhaps It would have made more sense if I'd read the previous stories about Delilah Street. Outside the Box was great. I really liked that the lead character wasn't "all that" the way so many of the characters in these stories are; she wasn't the most powerful, the meanest, the most badass... Good story, interesting premise, likable characters.
How do you Feel. Really liked this a lot, although I wasn't so sure to start with. Dead Boy is a great character, & I liked the setting - particularly the description of the traffic!
There will be Demons. Found this really really interesting, but I feel like I didn't quite get it.
Cherry kisses - set in Melbourne! I liked this very much, and may have to seek out more from this author.
The Arcane art of Misdirection. Really enjoyed the setting and the characters. Another author I may have to seek more from.