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The Open Side - Richie McCaw, Greg McGee An old family friend described this as the best rugby book he'd ever read. Rob's the kind of guy who has read a lot of rugby books. Me, not so much. I went through a bit of a phase of reading sports books in the '80's, but really not bothered in more recent times, so Rob's high opinion probably carries a bit more weight than mine!

I think this would be a fantastic book for a young player. There seemed to be a lot of detail about goal setting, having a plan and getting the right head-space. All the stuff about planning & training for the unexpected I thought had the potential to turn on lights in the brains of high school aged kids.
I also liked the way the story was structured, with the narrative being based around the journey between the 2 world cups. It gave the book a really strong shape, and I guess this is the difference between having a sports journalist and a successful novelist as the ghost writer. Having said that, I also felt the voice sounded authentic.
If you're not that interested in rugby tho - give this a miss.