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One Giant Leap: Apollo 11 Forty Years on - Piers Bizony A series of essays with numerous photographs and illustrations to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Unlike the 2 similar books I have in my reading list, this one focuses a bit more on Apollo 11, but also looks at other related ideas, such as plans to return to the moon in the foreseeable future. The bulk of the written material is in the first half of the book, and I was interested to see some "behind the scenes" type photos I'd not seen previously - like photos showing the construction of the massive Vertical Assembly Building. One of the essays dealt with the Constellation program to return to the moon, so that may date rather quickly. The second part of the book was a photo-essay of Apollo 11's flight, and combined some of the most famous images from space flight history -and some not-so-famous - with quotes from Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. One of my favourites, from Armstrong: "As a teenager, I thought that everything that happened before I was born was just ancient history. I didn't think I needed to know all about it. So I can't be too critical of this generation."
A lovely little book.