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The Undead in My Bed - Molly Harper, Jessica Sims, Katie MacAlister Still reading, but I can review the first 2 stories...

Shades of Gray: I think you really need to be a follower of the series to enjoy this one. What the heck is "vitiated"? Hero kept banging on about it, and at no point was it ever explained. All in all I found little to like here, and it was a big effort to finish this story as I found the heroine just downright annoying. I had high hopes that Miles might turn out to be more than a cardboard cut-out, and instead be some kind of uber-badguy, but no.

Undead Sublet: This is the reason I even have this book, so yes, I am already a fan of this series. A thoroughly enjoyable slice of Half Moon Hollow.

Out with a Fang: Wouldn't know this was part of a series, I felt like I was told everything I needed to know within this story. Really enjoyed it.