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Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother - Amy Chua January 2011: Just saw an item on the news about this book, and I have to admit I'm really curious.
December 2011: Finally got this out of the library. Goodness knows why I put it off so long, cos it was a quick and easy read. I think the title is a bit misleading - "Confessions of a Tiger Mother" may have been a bit less confrontational, and maybe blunted some of the controversy around this book. I can only think that most of the people who were outraged by this book didn't actually read it. After a bit of indecision, I have shelved this as amusing, because it did make me laugh out loud more than once.
Glad I read it. Makes me wonder how many of those high achieving Chinese kids I've taught over the years had a "Chinese Mother" drilling them at home.