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Devil of the Highlands (Audio) - Lynsay Sands, Marianna Palk Reading this on account of a) happening to spot it as available in the digital library catalogue, 2. having read the truly hilarious and scathing drunken group book review here on Goodreads and (iii)feeling the necessity for an additional audiobook given that the one I'm listening to in the car is nearly finished, and neither of my preferred next selections seem anywhere like turning up at the library soon. Sigh. So this is for entertainment and cheap thrills in the comfort of my own home all those times I might otherwise be tempted to finish off my other, actually worthy and decent, audiobook. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And I'm giving it a very generous 3 stars, probably more like a 2.5, but I don't hold with half stars... I think what annoyed me most was the sheer repetitiveness of some ideas. I could have happily done with probably 20% fewer words. If I'd started it expecting a 4 star read, I'd have been really disappointed.