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Home Improvement: Undead Edition - Simon R. Green, Heather Graham, James Grady, Charlaine Harris, S.J. Rozan, Rochelle Krich, Toni L.P. Kelner, E.E. Knight, Victor Gischler, Stacia Kane, Melissa Marr, Suzanne McLeod, Seanan McGuire, Patricia Briggs Average story length = 24 pages, which seems perfect for dipping into. Will add to the review as I go, if the spirit moves me (heh).

1. If I had a Hammer. I liked this Charlaine Harris well enough - perfectly inoffensive slice of Sookie, sans vamps.

2. Wizard Home security. Cute. author blurb says he's working on something longer based on these characters. Should be nicely amusing if it happens.

3. Gray. My first taste of Patricia Briggs, I'm embarrassed to admit. Gorgeous, atmospheric little story. I may have to chase down some of her longer stuff.

4. Squatters rights. Didn't do it for me. Found the Jewish angle very interesting, but really dissatisfied with the ending.

5. Blood on the Wall. Hello New Orleans! Yeah, pretty average, nothing to dislike here.

6 & 7 both failed to keep my interest. Didn't even make it onto the 3rd page on mansion of Imperatives, but I think I got over halfway with The Strength Inside before I realised I didn't really care enough to finish it.

8 & 9 both Ok - rather enjoyable, and with a few chuckles. 10 failed to interest me long enough to get off page 1.

11. Read this because it was prominently mentioned by a few of the top reviews of this book. I enjoyed it very much, and may well have a look at the series it belongs to.

12 I skipped on the grounds that I couldn't finish the first in the spellcrackers.com series, which this story belongs to.

13. It's all in the rendering - was really enjoying this, and then suddenly it was over. disappointed by how abruptly it ended

14. In Brightest Day. Loved it!! quirky and fun

Overall not a bad anthology :-) And to think I'd sworn off them 6 months ago.