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Positively Parkinson's: Symptoms and Diagnosis, Research and Treatment, Advice and Support - Ann  Andrews Ok, this has to go back to the library tomorrow, so I'm going to do two naughty things. I'm going to both mark it read and rate it 5 stars even though I've not read the whole thing.
The 5 stars is because I can see exactly how valuable this book is as a resource for those who have Parkinson's and for their carers. The author says something in the introduction along the lines of intending this to be the book she wished had been available when she was diagnosed. It seems full of sensible advice, personal stories from sufferers, encouragement and really clear information. I too wish something like this had been around a few years ago when my father was newly diagnosed with Parkinson's. Having said that, I found parts of the book quite difficult to read: along with the encouragement and positive stuff there is a lot of truth in this book, some of it very hard. It doesn't pretend that this is an easy condition to live with.
The reason I'm marking it read is that my mother now owns a copy, and I know I'll gradually graze my way through the rest of the book while visiting my parents over the next year or so. Just not all in one sitting.