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The Spanish Helmet - Greg Scowen Really thrilled to have won this in a First Reads giveaway, as it probably would have never got off the to-be-read list otherwise, and it would have been a shame to have missed reading this book. It's a great yarn. As I mentioned in a status update I really enjoyed reading about familiar places, and thought the dialogue rang true to kiwi-speak. I thought aspects of the narrative were a bit clunky, however, and I found myself wanting to tell Matt to get a grip every time we heard his inner thoughts about his feelings. I can only think he went to a boys school... The only other thing I found slightly annoying was what seemed like irrelevant references to NZ culture and life - e.g. a passing reference to Aramoana, and the film "Out of the Blue." It had the feel of product placement in a movie.
On the positive, I found the story - both stories, in fact - hugely interesting, and the twists completely took my by surprise. I look forward to Greg Scowan's next book.