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Hot Blooded - Maggie Shayne, Christine Feehan, Emma Holly, Angela Knight Have knocked off the story I got this book for - Mageverse #1 - just to discover 6 pages missing at a critical point. Library books, eh? May well look at the other 3 stories over the next few weeks, but not exactly rushing to do so: I've feeling a bit of paranormal romance satiation after the excellent Must Love Hellhounds collection.


And several days later I can report that 3 out of the 4 stories have missing pages. ARGH! I suspect the missing pages include sex scenes (not all the sex scenes in the book: there'd be no book left!) but unfortunately there was story on those pages as well. Grumble.


Finally giving up on this, and taking it back to the library. I've better things to read that stories with bits missing, regardless how racy they may be.