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A Rose for the Crown

A Rose for the Crown - Anne Easter Smith The Rose of York: Love & War - Sandra Worth

I read this too long ago for me to remember it clearly. Although there were bits I liked (was this the one with the descriptive arrival into London via London Bridge?) I vaguely recall some aspects of it annoyed me greatly, but I think there was another similar book I read at about the same time (and can I remember what that might have been? Nooooo*) that I could mix aspects of the two. I know enough that I have not sought out any more of this series, so perhaps that's an indication that I didn't think much of it.



*I think I do remember the other book now, it was  The Rose of York: Love & War - by Sandra Worth. The two books are similar in size, similar sounding titles, got them both out of the library, ect ect ect... Yeah, I didn't read anything else in this series either .