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Everyday Smart Food for the Family - Sophie Gray SUNDAY:
OK, so I've finally gone through and tape-flagged some recipes to test out of this. The hot and sour soup I did on Thursday night was amazing, and I hope the others I try are also as good. Interestingly most of the recipes I'm interested in are from the "some like it hot" section. There seems to be great sections of this book that are not really of interest to me. Of course, I'm not the target demographic, so I suppose that's as it should be. It looks like a great book for those just starting out, and those trying to feed the family on a budget. The section on which fruit and veg are in season each month is excellent, for instance.
So, tonight it's the Spicy Chicken with Chutney... will update when I've tasted it!
Hmm... so that was OK last night. Tried Thai rice Sambal tonight, and it was OK too - had to do a substitution when I realised my mint plant was actually totally lacking in leaves! Anyhow, this was not bad. I'm quite irritated by the number of recipes here that give no indication of the number of servings it makes - this was one such.