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Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh PWP. And I didn't even find the smutty bits enjoyable.
I suppose I should have known what to expect after the first 2 (which I liked well enough, and had left me curious enough to want more of the world Singh has created), but I just found the first half of the book utterly dark and blood-drenched. And honestly, are there no therapists or councilors in the universe? I would have thought that there must be someone working at the guild who could sort out all Elena's family issues. (and ditto Eve, who weirdly after having her best friend horribly murdered, and almost certainly having been the actual target herself, is apparently given no professional counseling support or help. Seriously?) The regularity with which we return to the tragedies that haunt her was dull. And Raphael's super-Alpha behaviour is starting to piss me right off as well.

I'm still interested in giving the Psy-Changling series a go, but I really doubt that I'll be able to bring myself to read another guild-hunter book, even one without E&R as the main characters.