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Penguins Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World - Harry Thompson, Glen McCready I'm so sad I finished this book. I just loved it. I loved the type of humour, the style of writing, and above all I loved the subject matter. I don't believe that anyone not fluent in cricket would enjoy this book half so much.
As I drove back and forth to work over the last few weeks with this audiobook chuntering away in the CD player, I often found myself hooting with laughter. It was just as well I didn't have a paper copy, as I'm sure I would have been unable to resist carrying it with me so I could whip it out and read extracts to unsuspecting friends. And of course, this morning as the book reached its tragic conclusion I found myself crying as I drove (very dangerous, not recommended), even tho I knew what was coming.

If you're not sure if you'll enjoy this book, consider the following extract from the opening chapter:
A leopard seal, perhaps the most fearsome predator of the southern ocean, hauled itself up on an ice floe to take a gander. Ignore the "seal" bit — think "leopard"... Imagine the head of Ridley Scott's Alien atop the body of Mike Gatting after a particularly hefty tea.

If you snorted at the Mike Gatting reference, this book is probably for you.

I thought Glen McCready did a wonderful job of reading the book, giving us a range of accents for the great diversity of people we met.

(And a final note - I may be a bit cheeky adding this to my kiwi connection shelf, but if breakfast in Devonport doesn't count I don't know what would.)