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Paper Astronaut: The Paper Spacecraft Mission Manual - Juliette Cezzar, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. Received this as a gift last year - only just realised I never added it! Such a cool idea - worth 5 stars for the awesomeness of a cardboard Saturn V model. I can't swear that I've read every word inside, but I've certainly flicked through loads of times. I've also not attempted to make any of the spacecraft from the back part of the book. I'm a bit scared I'll stuff it up, and even if I did an awesome job, I only live in a small house, and what does one do with a zillion light card spacecraft models? The book suggests photocopying the models onto light card for a dummy run, but I'm not sure how to open the book far enough to make a nice copy without breaking the spine. So I remain aspacecraft for now.