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I did waver on the 2-star button for a moment, but in all conscience I really can't justify the second star. Not without reading the whole book *shudders*.
If you want to know what's wrong with this book, there are many other one-star reviews that put it more clearly than I could.

But I'll mention a few that particularly bugged me in the 67 pages worth I managed. *grin*

The dopey names for one thing (what makes Darius so special that he doesn't have a dopey name?). Cannot take these guys seriously. And how does one even pronounce "Zsadist"?
The 'characters'. The only one I like so far is one who has only been mentioned, not actually appeared (IIRC, and I'm not going back to check!). Darius was ok too before he got blown up... although I understand he reappears later, and I may well have been put off him then. If I'd managed to read that far. The rest of the people/vampires in the book seem hollow, like hard shells with nothing inside. <profanity, self moderated> hard shells in the case of the brotherhood.
The sex. I only got as far as the first sex scene, and I found it disturbing and creepy. Most disturbing for me was the effect of the smoke from the red cigarette. Now, I know it was pointed out in the test that it wasn't an aphrodisiac, but it clearly lowered Beth's inhibitions, and I really dislike the idea of anyone being drugged and <profanity, self moderated>, no matter how much they clearly wanted it. Nasty, nasty. It creeps me out that so many of the reviewers describe the sex as "smoking hot". *shudders again*
In summary, I felt like I'd fallen into a porn version of "Blade". It may well be that the series improves, I for one will not be testing that theory.