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Shield of Thunder - David Gemmell Finished this a day or two ago, and have finally knocked a very short review together...

Ah. Book 2 in the series. Significantly darker than the Lord of the Silver Bow, but no less gripping. We see Odysseus, trapped by consequences of actions taken for the best of motives, forced into an alliance with Agamemnon against those he considered his friends. The transformation of Odysseus, the neutral trader, into The Sacker of Cities is as tragic as it is inevitable. The supporting cast of characters are sharply drawn, and full of life and complexity. Some of the minor characters from Book 1 come to the forefront; most charming of these is Banokles, a simple warrior who in the second half of the book unexpectedly finds himself in a position of leadership. We also meet Achilles for the first time, and it’s not flattering. I’ll be interested to see where this character goes in the third book. Sadly, that's going to have to wait a bit longer, as fate has thrown a few other urgent reads in my path.