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Treason - Meredith Whitford Gosh, I enjoyed this - well as much as I ever enjoy any Richard III book. And I've read a lot of them. The trouble is that I know how the story must end, and it's not good.
This author used a fictional "best friend" of Richard as the narrator, an device that worked very well I think. She also painted one of the most human and believable portraits of Richard right through his life that I've read. He wasn't prudish as some books make him, nor was he saintly. He was certainly not a sinister, plotting Machiavellian monster - most works of fiction portraying him as such these days pass themselves off as non-fiction *cough Alison Weir cough*
This is an ideal first R3 book for anyone curious about the revisionist view of this slice of history. Highly recommended.