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Practically Perfect - Katie Fforde Probably my least liked Katie fforde so far. I'd probably prefer to give this 2.8 stars, but it's only a 5 point scale. I found the characters annoying - in fact I wanted to shout at the heroine several times for being so stupid, saying really dumb things, over-reacting, being a drama queen, and generally needing a jolly good slap. Like her I couldn't quite credit the hero's reaction at the dramatic conclusion to the story, and felt the author had done very little to justify his behaviour: it didn't ring true for me. I found parts of the dialogue and narrative annoyingly repetitive, and felt as if I was being beaten over the head with some plot points. Towards the middle of the last disk I found myself longing for the thing to just finally end... but I persevered, and finished it. Might be a while before I go back for another Katie fforde tho. Perhaps I'm just over her.