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My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding - Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rachel Caine, Susan Krinard, P.N. Elrod, L.A. Banks, Charlaine Harris, Lori Handeland, Esther M. Friesner Only read 4 of these stories... the rest looked a bit silly, and by that stage I was seriously OD'ed on supernatural short stories. Got this out for the Charlaine Harris, which was an amusing yarn. Also enjoyed "Dead Man's Chest" and the Jim Butcher (might finally send me back to the Dresden Files. Yes, I know, I'm doing a lot of talking about this, and not much actual doing yet). The other one I read is the Sherrilyn Kenyon, which may well have been a mistake. I have one of her novels on request from the library, and I hope I like it better than this short story.