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Bite - Angela Knight, Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Vickie Taylor Well, I've done 4 out of 5 stories, but that's enough for me. Back to the library you go. Very happy to have the discontinuity at the start of my last Sookie Stackhouse filled! The Anita Blake one was pretty much pwp, tho I'm sure for fans of the series it was marvellous. For me - well, that's my first Anita Blake, and I doubt I'll bother looking for more. The Mageverse was an interesting sort of a premise, but it did feel a bit as if the author just chucked the kitchen sink at her idea. The appearance of the dragon was about where I started feeling she'd overdone it. Still, I may at some point track #1 down, just for a look.