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We Seven: By the Astronauts Themselves - Malcolm Scott Carpenter,  Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr.,  John Glenn,  Virgil Ivan Grissom,  Walter Marty Schirra Jr.,  Alan Shepard,  Donald K. Slayton Really found this terribly interesting. There is so much detail here about the very start of the US manned space program that is omitted from later volumes. Certainly, there are also details we now know about the first Mercury flights which have been omitted from this book! It was a great curiosity to read something written so early in the story of the space program. How odd it was to have no mention of Neil Armstrong, the Apollo 1 fire, or all the other staples of the moon program story. Many of the astronauts spoke about going to Mars, really believing it might happen in their lifetime. Reading the last chapter of the book - relating to the 4th Mercury flight - I felt sorry for Scott Carpenter talking about wanting to go straight back up into orbit again, knowing he was never given that chance.