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Holiday time = reading time

The Weaver's Tale (Roger the chapman, #3) - Kate Sedley The Last Coyote - Michael Connelly, Dick Hill Iron Duke - Meljean Brook

It's the first weekend of a fortnight of school holidays, so like any self respecting teacher I am ignoring the schoolwork for a couple of days and spending my time with my nose in a book. 

First up, finishing "The Weaver's Tale" by Kate Sedley. I only had a couple of chapters left of this, so it was knocked off pretty early on this morning. The third in the "Roger the Chapman" series, this was a pretty lightweight volume. It felt as if I could just about read it with my eyes shut. Still, it gave us some background on our narrator, which will be of use in his ongoing story. My next challenge is to find the next in the series, which my stupid library doesn't appear to possess.

I had great intentions of carving a whacking great chunk out of "The Last Coyote" today, too, which I have on audiobook. But no, I ended up spending far too much of my time finding my way around BookLikes to be able to listen to a book.

Ah, sigh. I'm pretty much in love with "The Iron Duke". And I shamefully admit I'm so in love with this cover that it is currently my laptop wallpaper. *sigh*. Yep, totally does it for me. And I'm finding the story totally engrossing. Loving the setting, the humour, the characters. I'm less than halfway through so far, so not yet having to be torn between reading it as fast as I can, and making the goodness last!