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The Iron Duke

Iron Duke - Meljean Brook

Wow, that was a bit of a ride - a great yarn set in a fabulously interesting alternate history. While steampunk is generally associated with the Victorian period, history has diverted so far from it's true course that it is difficult to know the exact time setting. I did squee with a bit of excitement when a navy ship named Endeavour - and an ex collier at that - was mentioned, but I doubt that's enough to pin the timeframe down to the 18th century.

It seemed that there was a lot of substance in this book for something that my library has catalogued as a romance... or perhaps my attitude insults the genre. It did feel that the romance was a sub-plot to the main mystery/adventure plot through most of the book.

I was pretty much totally in love with the book, from the cover (which I may have mentioned previously) onwards... right up until the last chapter, when I kinda crossed the Duke off my book boyfriends list (no, I don't actually have a book boyfriends list). If you have read it you'll know what I mean, if not... well, go read the book because it's worth it anyhow!


(Also very nice to get the little bonus at the end of a preview of the next book, which at least explained why Fox was behaving like such an ass when Yasmeen picked him up.)