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The Moon-Spinners - Mary Stewart First of all, I just love the cheesy cover on my 1976 imprint. I really can't imagine Nicola was clambering around the Cretan countryside flashing quite such impractical quantities of cleavage!
Really really enjoyed the book. Reading this on the back of an extremely average chick-lit the I found the descriptive prose refreshingly beautiful, and the dialogue natural and believable - dialogue that enriched my understanding of the relationships and characters. (just imagine that, writers of pretty average chick-lit!) The story was an interesting little mystery, not too much gruesomeness (great for those of us who can't cope too well with the current popularity of novels with extremely nasty serial killers that go in to waaay to much detail... although I'm determined to give Lee Child a go, yes I am.) but plenty of suspense. I did find myself yelling at Nicola a couple of times for the odd bad decision, usually followed by my having to put the book down for a while until I could stand to look at the consequence of the error. (yep, I'm a wuss).
A perfect little holiday read.