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Mmmmm... Socialism.

The Road to Wigan Pier - George Orwell

Really interesting on a number of fronts - the first section, with the descriptions of the lives of the working & unemployed poor in 1930s north of England was beyond fascinating. It was also really interesting to hear Orwell's predictions for the future of the 20th century with the benefit knowing how it all turned out. I think some of what he says towards the end of the book about the way socialism alienates their natural allies in the middle classes still rings true. The right wing government currently persecuting beneficiaries, the unemployed and the working poor in my own countries is regularly supported by those who get no love from their policies.

I must mention the 3rd point of interest, which is the way writing has changed in 75 years. In particular I was amused by the casual inclusion for gender, cultural and racial stereotyping that would be unacceptable in a serious political discourse these days.


Audiobook performance from Jeremy Northam was extremely good.