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The Affair of the Mutilated Mink: Master Post

The Affair of the Mutiliated Mink (Burford Family Mysteries, #2) - James Anderson

So, this isn't actually the edition I'm reading. I have the audiobook, narrated by the ubiquitous Cornelius Garrett (well, he is rather good), but I can't find the audio edition anywhere I can easily add to booklikes. And to my great surprise I don't seem to be the edition nazi here on BL that I was on GR. It's just about all I  can manage to find one with the right image on the cover.


Status update 1: I'm partway thru disk 4 (of 8). Although we have had no crime committed yet, I'm suspicious of everyone. The author has certainly chucked in enough dodgy behaviour to make almost the entire cast suspect! weeding out the red herrings when we finally do get to the crime will be great fun! I'm fully expecting to be totally clueless by the time we get to the climax. Thoroughly enjoying it. Oh, and I've decided Hugh is a bit of a git, so that probably puts him in the clear.


Status update 2: Hmm, almost a whole CD still to go, and yet the murder has been solved... what else is there to discuss??


Status update 3: ah, I see. Wrapping up the story properly. *grin* I'm so sad there's only one mystery left in this series, it's such fun!