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Over My Dead Body: Forty Years On.

Over My Dead Body: Forty Years on - June Opie Over My Dead Body - June Opie

I read Over My Dead Body  when I was at school. I recall being excited to find that someone from NZ was famous enough to have written a book (!!), not to mention that the actual story was very interesting & inspiring. So I'm not re-reading the whole thing (although I probably should given it's probably 30 years since I originally read it), but just the additional section at the back of the book where June talks about her life on her return to NZ.


I borrowed this book from my niece Mel, having spotted it on her bookshelf back in January. Turns out June Opie is an Old Girl of the school Mel attended, and she'd come in to speak at an assembly or some such thing back when Mel was at school. How funny that the same book/woman could inspire both of us, at about the same age, but 15 years and 300 km apart.